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1. What Happens If AT&T Beats the Government?Вс., 18 марта[−]
No matter who wins, the blockbuster antitrust trial pitting AT&T against the U.S. government will reshape the media landscape. What it won’t do is end the upheaval of an industry contending with new competitors and new technologies.

2. Qualcomm: In the Market for Fresh PerspectiveВс., 18 марта[−]
Can Qualcomm break from its past without endangering its future? That should be the key question on the minds of the chipmaker’s board of directors in the wake of its close call with Broadcom.

3. Drinkers Go Crazy for Gin, Investors for TonicСб., 17 марта[−]
It’s party time in the gin industry—but buying a gin producer may not be the best way for investors to join the fun.

4. Profitable Plans Afoot to Carve Rump of YahooПт., 16 марта[−]
The $76 billion Alibaba stake owned by the rump of Yahoo could finally be unwound. Recent corporate tax cuts may end up being the catalyst to close one of the hedge-fund industry’s highest-profile trades.

5. Don't Be Fooled by Tiffany's SlowdownПт., 16 марта[−]
Investors are overreacting to a January slowdown despite Tiffany’s success with new products.

6. Li Ka-shing Has Already Left China BehindПт., 16 марта[−]
The tycoon, still one of Asia’s richest men, has been channeling money out of the region and into steady developed market investments in recent years.

7. Alibaba's Homecoming May Not Prove a Home RunПт., 16 марта[−]
Alibaba’s investors may feel excited about its plan to list on a mainland Chinese stock exchange. In reality, there may not be much to celebrate.

8. What Price Is Right for Spotify?Пт., 16 марта[−]
There is a wide range of potential values for the music-streaming giant ahead of its nontraditional IPO.

9. Why Foreigners Love Vladimir Putin's Bond MarketЧт., 15 марта[−]
Russian elections this weekend highlight the strange economic attraction investors have shown for the country’s financial markets.

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