- Market Snapshot PagesЧт., 18 янв. Текст источника в новой вкладке
After Hours Report and Weekly Wrap pages.

1. After-Hours Report: TEAM -4.2%, IBM -3.3%, AXP -2.1%, MLNX +6.5% on earnings/outlook:01:46[−]
Stocks ticked down from record highs on Thursday as traders contemplated their next move following t

2. After-Hours Report: PTC +9%, KMI +0.7%, PLXS -7%, AA -5% on earnings/outlook:Чт., 18 янв.[−]
Stocks rallied to new records on Wednesday with technology shares leading the charge. The Dow Jones

3. After-Hours Report: IBKR -3.4%, CSX -1.3% on earnings/outlookСр., 17 янв.[−]
Stocks rocketed to new records early on Tuesday, but ran out of gas soon thereafter as the new year

4. After-Hours Report: Weekly WrapСб., 28 янв. 2017[−]
The stock market enjoyed a solid week, which saw the three major averages climb to fresh record high

5. After-Hours Report: ASNA reports earnings/guidance, shares halted; Futures slightly higher after hoursВт., 20 сент. 2016[−]
The stock market ended The stock market began the week on a flat note as participants displayed a

6. After-Hours Report: Weekly WrapПт., 01 янв. 2016[−]
The stock market ended its last session of the year under broad-based selling pressure, which pushed

7. After-Hours Report: Weekly WrapПт., 25 дек. 2015[−]
The stock market completed an abbreviated trading week on a flat note as the sleepy Thursday session

8. After-Hours Report: Weekly WrapСб., 07 февр. 2015[−]
The major averages capped a strong week with a defensive finish. The S&P 500 lost 0.3%, to narrow it

9. After-Hours Report: Worst Week Since NovemberСб., 19 мая 2012[−]
Trade this week started on a weak note with the stock market falling more than 1% amid concerns abou

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