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1. Ford to take $2.2 billion fourth-quarter loss related to pensions01:17[−]
After taxes, the loss is expected to cut down on Ford’s net income by $1.7 billion, the company says in a filing Wednesday.

2. Market Extra: Why weak energy companies won’t likely get a lifeline from higher oil prices01:08[−]
Bond investors aren’t too optimistic about higher oil prices lifting the prospects of the weakest U.S. energy companies, where defaults have been climbing.

3. Economic Preview: The U.S. economy still isn’t firing on all cylinders. Here’s what needs to change01:01[−]
American consumers have been carrying the economy on their back, but they sure could use more help from business.

4. NewsWatch: Boeing’s earnings could be ‘an absolute disaster,’ analyst says01:00[−]
Boeing Co.’s fourth-quarter earnings are shaping up to be “an absolute disaster” after the aerospace company pushed back its 737 Max return to service timeline to possibly midyear.

5. Trump is likely right that the Dow would be higher if the Fed hadn’t raised interest rates00:46[−]
Stock prices are moving in tandem with the expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet, but got crunched as the central bank boosted rates.

6. Netflix’s earnings: The price tag on global domination is getting clearer00:45[−]
Free cash flow topped a negative $3 billion last year as the movie-streaming company booked 167 million global paid subscriptions.

7. The Margin: Watch out! Planters kills off Mr. Peanut in Super Bowl pregame ad00:21[−]
He shell be missed #RIPeanut, fans say.

8. : Texas Instruments stock slips as earnings and outlook barely clear a low bar00:19[−]
Texas Instruments Inc. shares slipped in the extended session Wednesday after the chip maker tops reduced estimates from Wall Street and forecasts a first-quarter range that bookends consensus estimates.

9. Market Snapshot: Stocks close steady but off highs with China taking steps to contain possible pandemic00:19[−]
U.S. stocks ended steady Wednesday helped by good earnings reports from technology stocks and news that Chinese authorities were taking steps to contain a possible coronavirus pandemic, relieving investor fears about a threat to global economic growth.

10. Super Bowl ticket prices nearing $9,000 — here’s what’s driving the cost00:17[−]
Fans of the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs see their team play in the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 2.

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