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Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

1. 10-Year Treasury Yield Falls Below 2%, Defying Expectations23:09[−]
Yields that have hit multiyear lows reflect the difficulties central bankers face in normalizing monetary policy after a decade of unusually easy money.

2. S&P 500 Hits Record Close After Fed Hints of Interest-Rate Cut23:03[−]
The S&P 500 closed at a new record high after the U.S. Federal Reserve suggested it would cut interest rates if the economic outlook doesn’t improve in the coming months.

3. Gun Stocks Tick Up Amid Political Uncertainty23:01[−]
Gun makers, on a losing streak since Trump’s election in 2016, could be starting to recalibrate.

4. Fed Gives Lift to Corporate Bonds22:44[−]
The central bank’s latest messaging is turning out well for corporate borrowers and the investors that buy their bonds.

5. Blame Brexit for Carnival's Sinking Shares22:35[−]
Cruise operator Carnival Corp. was the worst performer in the S&P 500 on Thursday as the company’s financial results were hit by Brexit and other political decisions.

6. Middle East Clashes Send Oil Sharply Higher21:55[−]
U.S. oil futures jumped as tensions in the Middle East continued to spiral and the dollar fell, extending a period of high volatility for crude.

7. Darden Shares Still Offer Bang for the Buck21:29[−]
The owner of Olive Garden is still a well-oiled machine despite a mixed earnings update for investors.

8. Gold's Run Signals Worrying Future21:27[−]
Gold has hit an almost six-year high after the Federal Reserve signaled that it was willing to lower interest rates. If rates continue to fall, expect further jumps in the yellow metal. But the moves portend some bad news.

9. Slack Shares Jump in Trading Debut21:17[−]
Slack Technologies surged in its trading debut on the New York Stock Exchange, the latest technology firm to jump into a hot initial-public-offering market.

10. Shares of French Bank Natixis Fall on Fund-Liquidity Concerns20:59[−]
The lender’s stock fell 12% after research firm Morningstar Inc. suspended its rating on a fund run by the bank’s H2O Asset Management arm.

11. Big Banks Face Less Stress in This Year's Fed Tests20:44[−]
Banks could have an easier time with their annual stress tests. Here’s what to look for in the results being released Friday and next Thursday.

12. Treasury to Sell $203 Billion in Debt18:52[−]
The U.S. Treasury Department will auction next week $203 billion in securities, ranging from 13-week bills to seven-year notes.

13. Gold Surges to Almost Six-Year High After Fed Hints at Rate Cut18:15[−]
Metal prices shot up, lifted by a weaker dollar, after the Federal Reserve suggested it was willing to lower interest rates in the coming months.

14. OYO Plans to Dominate the Hotel Industry---on a Budget18:11[−]
Indian hotel chain OYO has expanded to 74 countries since it opened in 2013, touting its ‘comfort design’ and ‘hard-to-ignore prices.’ Customer reviews tell a different story.

15. On Ethanol, Big Corn Beats Big Oil17:16[−]
Corn crops are under pressure, yet farmers are pushing for a bigger share of the gasoline blend that would push up prices further.

16. Stocks to Watch: Slack, Oracle,American Outdoor Brands, and Mondelez16:07[−]
Slack, which begins trading today, is one of Thursday’s stocks to watch, along with Oracle, American Outdoor Brands, and Mondelez International.

17. Investors Dodge Global Worries in Currencies of Egypt, Ukraine15:00[−]
Investors are snapping up exotic currencies like the Egyptian pound and Ukrainian hryvnia as they seek assets with little correlation to global markets amid rising worries over growth and trade.

18. UBS 'Chinese Pig' Apology Doesn't Fly14:41[−]
A week after a UBS economist’s offhand comment about pigs in China morphed into an online scandal, the bank is still feeling the pain in one of its most important markets.

19. The Valuation Conundrum in the United Tech-Raytheon Merger14:40[−]
Who is getting the raw end of the merger deal between United Technologies and Raytheon? The answer isn’t as clear-cut as some investors have argued.

20. Fannie and Freddie's Latest Push: Factory-Built Homes12:30[−]
The gatekeepers of America’s housing market, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, want to make it more affordable to buy a manufactured home. So far, they have found it a tough sell.

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