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Dow Jones & Company, Inc.

1. August Data Heighten Pressure on Industrial Stocks02:58[−]
One of the hardest-hit areas of the stock market in recent months is under fresh pressure after a series of reports showed the manufacturing sector in decline.

2. HP's Printer Jam Gets Worse01:04[−]
HP’s new boss will have the same problem as the old boss: How to make the ink run right.

3. Copper Nears Multiyear Low as Economic Worries Grow00:45[−]
The price of copper dropped to within striking distance of a fresh multiyear low as weak U.S. manufacturing data added to concern over the health of the global economy.

4. U.S. Stocks Waver on Disappointing Manufacturing DataЧт., 22 авг.[−]
The S&P 500 stalled after weaker-than-expected manufacturing data raised fresh worries over the health of the economy.

5. Boeing Shares Rise on Hopes for 737 MAXЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Shares of Boeing ascended on a signal that the aerospace giant’s troubled fleet of 737 MAX aircraft is moving toward a return to service.

6. U.S. Government Bonds Send Warning About Slowing GrowthЧт., 22 авг.[−]
U.S. government bonds sent a fresh warning about the economy Thursday after a report showed that manufacturing activity slowed this month to the lowest in almost 10 years. That data led the yield on the 10-year note to fall below the yield on the two-year note.

7. Don't Overthink Overstock.comЧт., 22 авг.[−]
It is probably a good thing that Patrick Byrne has resigned as chief executive of That doesn’t mean investors should rush into the stock.

8. Electric Vehicles Run Into China's Regulatory ChangeЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Electric vehicles are colliding with a regulatory change in China, as results from Buffett-backed BYD show.

9. Netflix: Too Much Comfort TVЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Netflix has had some trouble holding on to subscribers of late. Some of its more committed ones may have gotten too comfortable.

10. A Rocketing Stock That Won't Fall Back to EarthЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Aerojet Rocketdyne can benefit both from renewed interest in outer space and the consolidation of the defense industry.

11. Stocks to Watch: Nordstrom, L Brands, Dick's Sporting Goods and MoreЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Nordstrom, L Brands, Splunk and Synopsys are among Thursday’s stocks to watch.

12. Bank of New York Mellon Loses Key ETF Customer to State StreetЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Bank of New York Mellon lost VanEck Associates as a client of its servicing business for exchange-traded funds to rival State Street.

13. Facebook's Libra Bets It Can Bank the UnbankedЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Facebook has an ambitious goal for its proposed cryptocurrency, Libra: to bring financial services to the hundreds of millions of people world-wide who don’t use banks or other traditional institutions. The cryptocurrency sector has for years tried to do the same and failed.

14. Uber's Long Road to ProfitsЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Cheap fares helped Uber Technologies grow into a global giant. They also look to be a lasting brake on its share price.

15. Yields Plumb New Lows, but 'Century Bonds' Remain ScarceЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Bond yields in many countries have fallen to record lows this summer. Yet few governments have responded as many bankers and investors say they should, by locking in ultralow rates for decades.

16. Home-Builder Stocks Soar Past S&P 500Чт., 22 авг.[−]
Home-builder shares are fast approaching their highs for the year, moving past steep 2018 losses because of a combination of falling mortgage rates and firming housing data.

17. Aflac Shares Fall on Affiliation With Japan PostЧт., 22 авг.[−]
Insurer Aflac shares slid on news reports that a scandal at Japan Post Holdings Co. included improper sales of Aflac products.

18. As the Fed Frets, Retailers Rake in SalesСр., 21 авг.[−]
Before Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell puts the finishing touches on a speech he is delivering this week, maybe he should take some time to listen to a playback of Target’s earnings conference call.

19. Strong Demand for Bank Bonds Allays Fears From Sinking SharesСр., 21 авг.[−]
The relatively strong performance of bank bonds is sending an encouraging signal at a time when financial stocks are under pressure from recession fears.

20. Stocks Climb on Strong Retail EarningsСр., 21 авг.[−]
U.S. stocks surged after strong earnings reports from retailers eased some fears about slowing economic growth.

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