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1. U.S. Stock Futures Rise After Promising Vaccine Study14:02[−]
Investors await earnings from Goldman Sachs after rival banks signal that the worst of the recession is yet to come.

2. ESG Investing in the Pandemic Shows Power of Luck14:00[−]
Grading environmental, social and governance investing on performance is tricky—and where an ESG index may have beat the market in recent months likely had little to do with ESG issues.

3. Your Tax Refund May Be Late This Year: Here's Why14:00[−]
Q&A for taxpayers who have filed but haven’t gotten refunds or had their checks cashed.

4. Rare-Earth Metals Firm MP Materials to Go Public via Blank-Check Company14:00[−]
Rare-earth minerals producer MP Materials will go public through a blank-check company, joining the growing wave of companies doing so.

5. At Evercore, a Dean of Wall Street and Washington Elevates New Leaders14:00[−]
Roger Altman, who founded Evercore in 1995, is now laying the groundwork to make sure it thrives after he exits.

6. Korea's Radical Housing-Boom Crackdown Is a Sign of Things to Come13:25[−]
Plans to more aggressively tax homeowners with multiple expensive properties, and those flipping homes within the first two years of ownership, are the latest in a barrage of efforts to cool booming property markets.

7. World's Oldest Stock Market Has New Tech Cluster12:58[−]
Where is Europe’s tech capital? Cynics that say nowhere haven’t been watching Amsterdam.

8. Surging Copper Prices Signal Optimism About Global Growth12:33[−]
Global investors are piling into bullish wagers on copper prices, sparking the quickest rally in the industrial metal in years and signaling that many money managers remain hopeful about the economic outlook despite rising coronavirus cases in much of the U.S.

9. Jump in Coronavirus Cases Could Jeopardize Oil Market Recovery, OPEC Says01:35[−]
Even a record-breaking rise in oil demand next year won’t be enough to spur a recovery back to pre-coronavirus levels, according to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

10. JPMorgan Sets Aside Billions to Cover Coronavirus Loan Losses00:09[−]
The bank’s profit dropped 51% in the latest quarter as it set aside $10.47 billion to cover potential losses on loans to borrowers hurt by the pandemic.

11. U.S. Stocks Extend Gains as Banks Kick Off Earnings Season00:04[−]
The S&P 500 climbed as investors digested second-quarter results from some of the biggest banks for insights into the health of the U.S. economy and its lenders.

12. Wells Fargo Swings to First Loss in More Than a DecadeВт, 14 июл[−]
The San Francisco-based bank lost $2.38 billion in the second quarter as it socked away money to prepare for a wave of soured loans.

13. 'This Is Not a Normal Recession': Banks Ready for Wave of Coronavirus DefaultsВт, 14 июл[−]
The largest U.S. banks signaled that the worst of the coronavirus recession is yet to come, opting to stow away tens of billions of dollars to prepare for an expected wave of loan losses.

14. Tesla Is No Berkshire, but Mom and Pop Might Buy AnywayВт, 14 июл[−]
Companies that join or leave the S&P 500 tend to rise and fall before the fact, costing index fund investors a bit of money. But now Tesla threatens to crash the party and make a real dent.

15. Banks Are Fine, but the Economy Isn'tВт, 14 июл[−]
The biggest banks proved their ability to generate revenue through tough times, but they said little that would indicate the economy is poised for a sharp recovery.

16. Inflation Expectations Are Wrong, Which Is GoodВт, 14 июл[−]
Inflation is running cold, but a lot of people might not believe it. That might actually count as good news.

17. Airlines Shouldn't Rush to Stop Losing MoneyВт, 14 июл[−]
U.S. airlines’ financial results are abysmal. They should resist the temptation to improve them too quickly.

18. Citigroup Profit Falls 73%Вт, 14 июл[−]
The New York bank’s second-quarter profit fell 73%, weighed down by the $7.9 billion the bank set aside for potentially rising loan losses.

19. Taxpayers Race to File Refund Claims if Obamacare Is Struck DownВт, 14 июл[−]
Taxpayers and their advisers are rushing to file claims for refunds of 2016 taxes in case the Affordable Care Act is struck down. For many higher earners who could benefit, the deadline to file such claims is Wednesday.

20. Former Luckin Chairman Loses Control of Coffee Chain in CourtВт, 14 июл[−]
With Charles Lu losing control of all his shares in a court ruling, according to people familiar with the matter, Chinese private-equity firm Centurium Capital will have the most voting rights.

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